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Home » The Swedish Almond Tart Recipe Guaranteed To Make You Obsessed

The Swedish Almond Tart Recipe Guaranteed To Make You Obsessed

The Swedish Almond Tart Recipe Guaranteed To Make You Obsessed

This Swedish almond tart recipe is seriously addictive. Get ready to fall in love with a new baking obsession.

The scent of toasted almonds and warm vanilla can transport me anywhere. But more often than not, a whiff of that sweet, nutty aroma conjures images of cobblestone streets, quiet cafes overlooking a Stockholm harbor, and the lingering contentment of an afternoon fika break.  

Fika, the Swedish tradition of a leisurely coffee break with something sweet, became my obsession after picking up a copy of Fika: The Art of The Swedish Coffee Break by Anna Brones and Johanna Kindvall. It was then I fell in love with the simple pleasures of a perfectly brewed cup of coffee and a delectable pastry. One treat, in particular, became the star of my fika adventures: the Swedish almond tart. With its buttery crust, rich almond filling, and crisp, golden top, this tart promised indulgence and comfort in equal measure.  

Fika: The Art of The Swedish Coffee Break, with Recipes for Pastries, Breads, and Other Treats

This is more than a recipe book; it’s a passport to a lifestyle you will love. It celebrates the joy of cozy coffee breaks with delicious treats, perfect for those who crave a touch of Scandinavian culture. Discover recipes that inspire mindful indulgence alongside the Swedish concept of “fika” – a philosophy of pausing for connection and savoring life’s simple pleasures. It’s a perfect way to add sweetness and intention to your days.

I’m here to share the magic of those Swedish flavors with you. Whether you’re dreaming of Scandinavian adventures or simply want to transform your daily coffee break into a special ritual, this Swedish almond tart recipe is your ticket. You’ll learn how to recreate this classic with a touch of your personality, making it a treat that’s sure to become a regular in your baking repertoire. Let’s bring a slice of Sweden into your kitchen and discover the simple joy of baking and savoring something truly special. 

What Makes Swedish Almond Tarts Special

Let’s break down what makes these little tarts so irresistible to those of us who crave a touch of something special amidst our busy lives. After all, a good dessert isn’t just about satisfying a sweet tooth – it’s about an experience. 

Simple Ingredients, Exquisite Flavor

The beauty of a Swedish almond tart recipe lies in its simplicity. Much like the best of Scandinavian design, it focuses on quality ingredients and a focus on function. You won’t find a laundry list of spices or exotic components here. Instead, it’s about butter, flour, almonds, and the sweetness that transforms these ordinary things into something delightful. This unpretentiousness suits us mindful living types – we appreciate the elegance of the everyday elevated. 

A Cozy Indulgence with a Storied Past

There’s something undeniably comforting about the tradition behind Swedish almond tarts. References to these treats, often called ‘Mazariner’, date back to at least the 17th century. They’re thought to be named after a French-Italian cardinal, Mazarin, reflecting the culinary influences of the time. This bit of history adds a layer of richness – we’re not just eating a tart, we’re savoring a little piece of the past brought forward. Think of it like the delicious equivalent of a well-worn vintage book, its pages holding echoes of other lives.

The Perfect Balance of Textures

Perhaps the most addictive aspect of a Swedish almond tart is the interplay of textures. You have the crisp, buttery base that gives way to a gooey, almond-rich filling. Often, that filling features a touch of caramelization and perhaps some toasted almond slivers on top for extra crunch. Each bite is a small symphony of sensations, satisfying that primal human love of textural contrast. Even better, they’re the perfect portion size – enough for indulgence without feeling overwhelmed. 

The Recipe: A Step-by-Step Guide

Alright, let’s dive into the heart of this delicious adventure – the recipe itself! Remember, while baking can feel intimidating, it’s ultimately about the simple joy of transformation, like how the Swedish word “fika” encompasses more than just coffee, but a moment of mindfulness and connection.

Ingredients: Freshness is Key

The key to a truly transcendent Swedish almond tart recipe lies in the quality of your ingredients. Think of them as the words of your culinary story. Here’s what we’ll need:

For the dough:

  • ¾ cup (3.75 ounces, 106 grams) all-purpose flour: This provides the structure.
  • 2 tablespoons natural cane sugar: Adds a subtle sweetness.
  • 5 tablespoons (2.5 ounces, 71 grams) unsalted butter: The richness is essential for that classic, melt-in-your-mouth crust.
  • 1 egg yolk: Helps bind everything together and contributes to the golden color.

For the filling:

  • 1 cup (5 ounces, 142 grams) raw almonds: The star of the show! I like to buy whole, raw almonds and grind them myself using my trusty Krups One-Touch Coffee and Spice Grinder. That way, I have total control over the texture and ensure maximum freshness.
  • 1 egg and 1 egg white: These will give the filling its lovely richness and help it set beautifully.
  • ½ cup (3.75 ounces, 106 grams) firmly packed brown sugar: Provides a touch of caramel sweetness.
  • 4 tablespoons (2 ounces, 57 grams) butter: Adds lusciousness and a hint of nuttiness.

Tools and Equipment: Baking Basics

No need for anything fancy here! Grab these essentials:

  • Large mixing bowls
  • Whisk
  • Spatula
  • Krups One-Touch Coffee and Spice Grinder (if you haven’t treated yourself to one already, it’s a game-changer!)
  • Rolling pin
  • Plastic wrap
  • 9-inch (23-centimeter) pie pan or springform baking pan

The Crust: Buttery, Flaky Perfection

I always find making the crust the most satisfying part. 

  1. To prepare the dough, in a large bowl, mix the flour and sugar.
  2. Add the butter in small cubes and work together with your hands until you get a coarse meal; then work in the egg yolk until you can make the dough into a ball.
  3. Form a round with the dough, wrap it in plastic wrap, and let sit in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes. This allows the gluten to relax and makes the dough easier to roll out.

The Filling: From Coarsely Ground Almonds to Sweet Bliss

Preheat the oven to 350°F (175°C). Grease a 9-inch (23-centimeter) pie pan or springform baking pan.

  1. To prepare the filling, melt the butter and set aside to cool.
  2. Toast the almonds in a dry frying pan until they are slightly browned; then chop them finely by hand or grind with Krups One-Touch Coffee and Spice Grinder or your food processor until coarsely ground.
  3. In a large bowl, whisk the egg and the egg white together with the sugar until frothy.
  4. Stir in the slightly cooled butter, then add the almonds and stir to a smooth batter.

Baking Magic: The Art of the Golden Crust

  1. Roll out the chilled dough to ⅛-inch (.25 centimeter) thickness and press it into the pie pan. It is easiest to roll out the dough between two sheets of plastic wrap.
  2. Pour the batter into the pan and spread it out evenly with a spatula.
  3. Bake for 20 to 25 minutes. The crust should be golden brown and the batter should be set.
  4. Remove from the oven and let cool before serving.

Serving Suggestions

This tart is fantastic with coffee or tea, especially a classic black coffee for a delightful contrast of textures. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, try it with a chai latte or a pot of herbal tea. 

This recipe has been my obsession for a while now, adapted from the wonderful book “Fika: The Art of The Swedish Coffee Break” by Anna Brones and Johanna Kindvall. It’s a reminder that some of the greatest joys in life can come from simple, delicious things done with love. 

Tips and Tricks for Almond Tart Success

We want that perfect combination of a buttery crust, gooey almond filling, and the kind of satisfaction that lingers long after the last crumb is gone. So let’s get into the little details that make all the difference in your Swedish almond tart journey!

Finding those perfect almonds is crucial. Forget those pre-ground almond meals; they often lack the oils that create the rich, nuanced flavor you’re after. Instead, go for whole blanched almonds. You’ll find them in most well-stocked supermarkets or specialty baking stores. Look for almonds with a creamy color and avoid any that look shriveled or smell even slightly stale. Remember how the best coffee beans are those freshly roasted? The same principle applies to your almonds!

Speaking of roasting, let’s unlock their flavor potential. Spread your almonds on a baking sheet and pop them in a preheated oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit (about 175 Celsius) for 5-10 minutes. Keep a close eye – you want them a lovely golden brown, not burnt! This toasting step intensifies the nutty aroma and adds a subtle sweetness. It’s the kind of detail that makes people ask, “What’s your secret?”.

Now, let’s talk about customization. Think of this Swedish almond tart recipe as your favorite pair of well-worn jeans – a classic base you can dress up or down. Love a burst of tartness? Add some finely grated lemon zest to your filling. Craving a touch of warmth? A pinch of ground cinnamon or cardamom works wonders. And if you’re feeling a bit fancy, fold some chopped dried cherries or cranberries into the batter. There’s something so satisfying about taking a traditional recipe and giving it your unique twist, like a delicious signature.  

Variations on a Swedish Classic

While the classic Swedish almond tart recipe is a thing of beauty in itself, sometimes a little twist can make it even more special. Here’s where some creativity comes into play – let’s explore a few delicious variations that might tickle your fancy:

Seasonal fruits provide a burst of color and vibrant flavor. In summer, imagine juicy strawberries or raspberries nestled into the almond filling. As autumn rolls around, how about slices of spiced pear or apple baked right into the tart? The tang of fresh fruits cuts through the sweetness beautifully, making it the perfect treat for any season.  

If you’re a chocolate lover, you’re in for a treat. A drizzle of rich, melted dark chocolate over your baked almond tart adds a touch of decadence. The slightly bitter notes of the chocolate play wonderfully against the almond filling’s sweetness. Feeling fancy? Temper your chocolate for an extra glossy, professional finish.

Of course, it’s important to make baking inclusive for everyone. With a few simple tweaks, it’s easy to adapt the Swedish almond tart to be vegan and gluten-free. Vegan butter and a quality egg substitute work wonders for the crust. Gluten-free baking flour blends keep the crust flaky and delicious. 

Mindful Indulgence with Your Swedish Almond Tart

While this Swedish almond tart recipe is undeniably delicious, it’s about more than just satisfying a sweet tooth. For me, baking and enjoying the results offers a delicious way to embrace the art of mindful indulgence, a practice deeply ingrained in Swedish culture. 

The Swedes’ lifestyle tradition fika is more than a coffee break; it’s a philosophy of pausing, often with a sweet treat and good company, to savor life’s simple joys. This deliberate break from the daily rush fosters mindfulness and connection.

You don’t have to travel to Stockholm to embrace fika. Create your ritual around enjoying your homemade almond tart. Whether it’s a solo moment with a steaming cup of tea or sharing slices with a friend, carve out dedicated time. Turn off your phone, put aside distractions, and focus on the present moment. This is an exercise subtly advocated for by psychologists and mindfulness experts alike – breaking the cycle of constant mental stimulation to simply be with yourself.

As you savor each bite of your tart, practice mindful eating. Psychologist Susan Albers, author of “Eating Mindfully,” encourages us to focus on the sensory experience of food. Notice the flaky texture of the crust, the gentle sweetness of the almond filling, and the warmth of your beverage. This practice retrains your brain away from mindless munching and towards a deeper appreciation of the nourishment you’re providing your body.  

Find other recipes for your next fika: Food That Goes Well With Coffee.

Pairing Your Almond Tart with the Perfect Beverage

So, you’ve mastered our Swedish almond tart recipe and now it’s time to find the perfect drink pairing. After all, the Swedish art of fika is all about enjoying both taste and the moment. Let’s explore some delicious options that will complement your tart and elevate your mindful indulgence:

Coffee Pairings: From Light Roasts to Bold Blends

Coffee and an almond tart are a match made in heaven. For a subtle balance, try lighter roasts with citrusy notes, like an Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. These roasts showcase the subtle sweetness of the almonds without being overpowering. If you fancy something bolder, a medium roast with hints of chocolate or nuts, such as the Starbucks Sumatra Blend, would make a delightful contrast. For true decadence, a rich espresso complements the creamy texture of the filling beautifully. 

Tea Time: Classic and Herbal Choices

If tea is your preference, the almond tart works beautifully with a variety of flavors. Classic black teas, like Earl Grey with its bergamot touch, make a timeless pairing. For something lighter, a soothing chamomile or a fruity hibiscus blend would bring out the subtle sweetness of the tart.  

Something Special: After-Dinner Liqueurs

Want to turn your fika into a truly special occasion? A sweet liqueur adds a touch of indulgence. Think Italian Disaronno Amaretto with its almond notes that echo the tart. If you’re feeling adventurous, a coffee liqueur like Kahlúa would introduce a fun, playful twist.  

Remember, your personal preference is the ultimate guide – a bit of experimentation is part of the fika fun! And perhaps, like the novelist Marcel Proust made famous with his madeleine, this almond tart paired with your favorite beverage could become a little touchstone of a moment of mindful pleasure you return to whenever you need it.

A Taste of Sweden in Your Kitchen

Baking this Swedish almond tart recipe isn’t just about creating a delicious treat; it’s about transporting yourself to a cozy Scandinavian kitchen. One of the things I adore about Scandinavian culture is the concept of “hygge”. Pronounced “hoo-ga,” this Danish word with Swedish roots has no perfect English translation. It’s a sense of coziness, contentment, and simple pleasures. Think warm blankets, flickering candlelight, soft music, and the company of loved ones. As I bake, I try to recreate this feeling. I dim the lights, put on some gentle jazz (Jan Johansson’s Swedish folk-influenced tunes are perfect), and let the scent of warm almonds and vanilla fill the air.  

Sometimes finding authentic Swedish baking ingredients can be a challenge, but it adds to the adventure! Exploring local specialty stores or international markets is a joy. If you’re lucky enough to find cloudberry jam, a traditional Swedish favorite, it makes a lovely addition to the tart. Online retailers are another helpful resource – and a testament to how connected the world is nowadays thanks to the Internet.

Once your Swedish almond tarts are baked and that golden crust emerges from the oven, the hygge vibes can radiate outward. I love gifting these beauties, wrapped in simple parchment paper and twine. It’s a gesture that extends the warmth of your kitchen into someone else’s life – a much-appreciated indulgence after a long day. Sharing the recipe itself allows the experience to ripple outwards. Baking, especially when inspired by a different culture, becomes a way of connecting even across distances. 

Takeaway Message

Sometimes, the greatest adventures are those found right within the warmth of our own homes. Baking a Swedish almond tart isn’t just about creating a delectable treat; it’s about embracing the Scandinavian concept of “hygge”. Hygge is that feeling of coziness, of finding contentment in the present moment. Light a candle, brew some tea, and let the sweet aroma fill your kitchen – this simple act can transform your afternoon into a mini-retreat.

Baking is also an expression of love. Share that love by gifting these delightful tarts to friends and family. A beautiful presentation – perhaps wrapped in simple parchment paper and twine – adds a personal touch. These heartfelt gestures create connections and bring just a bit more sweetness into everyone’s day.

Life is filled with grand moments and quiet ones. The Swedish almond tart recipe embodies the delight to be found in the latter. Whether savored solo with a cherished book or shared with those you hold dear, remember to relish those simple pleasures. They’re the ingredients that make life truly delicious. 

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